Congratulations to you and the missus, and the little missives.

Good topic, along with the pattern of adjuncts and exponential lending. I did a little piece on student debt that I think was before your time at 3P. I'll link it, just in case you need a little more fuel for the fire--and who doesn't, with what you're burning through? https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/reinventing-education

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Hey! I edited that! So awesome!

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Cracks In The Ivory Tower by Brennan, Magness discusses incentives within departments. It was rather interesting

"Several studies have found that university administrators exhibit the classic characteristics of utility- maximizing bureaucrats. In other words, they utilize the tools under their control to essentially “oversupply” the functions and services of their own offices. The motives for doing so are multifaceted. Some administrators seek new streams of money to maximize their own budgets and the various perks that come with each. These streams may include both public appropriations and student- derived payments such as tuition and fees. Others want job security, particularly the type that comes from entrenching oneself as a gatekeeper of university resources." (p. 206)

https://parrhesia.substack.com/p/cracks-in-the-ivory-tower for a review

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Your PDF report you link to in your post has some great information. Crazy that they'd rather hire overpriced DEI commissars than full-time professors. Almost like they're in the business of cult-like indoctrination instead of education.

Funny that the woke never seem to ask, if America's institutions are so deeply and systemically white supremacist, why do the leaders of those institutions dump such an inordinate amount of money and resources on signaling their commitment to DEI? And when exactly did MLK, Malcolm X, or Marcus Garvey -- i.e., men who contended with actual white supremacists -- get paid big money to design curricula for elite universities like the DEI grifters do? I guess real white supremacist societies have a tendency not to feed the DEI gravy train.

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You'll probably want to read this, even if you may not enjoy it...

It’s Official: Leftist Researchers Lie. That’s Why Universities Are Doomed - EDWARD DUTTON


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Impressive that you and your co-authors are doing some serious work to fight-back against these trends.

I don't know enough about the market structure of your universities, but if these universities are inflating their costs significantly then there should be room for some competition? I know it isn't easy to set up universities and there are a whole load of forces against it, but perhaps this has to be the way? The new university at Austin is an example perhaps?

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This goes back to something I said in a post last November (the one I framed about anarchists, which was really about Marxists); if there was no value in our cultural institutions, the wokies would be dropping out of society rather than trying to take those institutions over. They can't contribute anything of value, because critical theory is definitionally destructive rather than creative. but they can sure loot things of value that others created.


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yet another example of gross "woke" corruption:


disinformationchronicle. substack. com /p/new-emails-biden-white-house-behind


(BMJ = British Medical Journal)

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Nice work, dude!

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Congrats on your new house, happy for you.

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