I know how you feel (with the low engagement stuff layely, not the puking). I've got a lot of reading and commenting to catch up on, including your AI post.

Feel better, Doc.

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So sorry you're going through that!

I just discovered that you're part of the guy club, some of whom ran with the term Tonic Masculinity. One of my readers had sent me links, saying that a lot of people were scooping my term. Here's my original comment on Charles Eisenstein's I Like to Fight: Tereza Coraggio Nov 27, 2022: "This does my heart good. I think we need a world that puts children at the center, surrounded by women, who are surrounded by men. Tonic masculinity."

Jay Rollins, Writes The Wonderland Rules: Stealing "tonic masculinity."

Tereza Coraggio: Yes please! I was hoping someone would. It took me a minute to figure out what the opposite of toxic would be.

Jay Rollins, Jan 18: Me and the boys took it and ran with it. :-D

So Jay wrote Tate Modern on Jan 10, John Carter wrote Tonic Masculinity on the 14th saying "I stole that from Jay Rollins, and I’m not giving it back." On Jan 19, Harrison Koehli on Political Ponerology writes "What is a man? Quality masculinity is tonic masculinity" citing John Carter and with a clever gin & tonic photo and then Luc Koch does What is Tonic Masculinity? citing all three.

I'd like to incite you to further thievery ;-) I think it's wonderful that it's taken on a life of it's own but it's become, perhaps, the opposite of how I defined it--at least for John Carter who bemoans that courts "give mothers custody to raise boys like defective girls." If so inclined, as a father of three daughters, I'd love to hear how you'd define it. I'll certainly do my own but I feel that you'd have a nuanced perspective.

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Probably food poison. No such thing as "stomach flu".

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Feel better, Doc. Pukey no funny.

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It must be a mutation of Covid, beat it with baking soda and inhaling vapor. I beat the bioweapon twice using my technique/strategy.

How can we be right when nothing but the left is left?




You have surely missed my outstanding Subtract!

Friendly regards from Nicaragua, heavily sanctioned, where I scrape by at the Gates of Hell, the Masaya Volcano, at the very bleeding heart of Central America. Hell, sweet hell, err, home. I meant home, sweet hell!


Esteemed Substacker, If you read my first two posts, you will find out about how dramatic and humble my landing here actually was. Then I started to write and post like a madman like there was no tomorrow because my real life situation seemed that way, and things have not calmed down, have not changed yet! Not only because life, in general and particular, is not a word, but a sentence, but because sometimes serving this sentence makes one feel like dropping dead any minute, I have decided to chime in with something transcendentally relevant. Enjoy it to the very last breath as I do, a soldier of Christ, fighting in the first row, breathing heavily, no matter cannon fodder. You do not have to pledge anything, my efforts are always free.

Left to my own devices and salivating in the tropical scorcher, in the erupting drought season, the promised $20 bill of rights rain has not even started yet for me here on Subtract, yes, I just want to make you laugh, not cry, as I wipe a tear or two. It seems like nobody´s gold pennies can reach my flying BullShip skyhigh. Yet I stay working Job, patience is my virtue upon the rack, tried, drawn, and quartered as vice driven through the rusty nails of my faith .... until I, one-armed, cannot carry my heavy cross anymore. I keep saying this only to myself as a wounded gladiator in the public arena. Hope you all still having fun ....

Substack is my new home, like I was sort of homeless. And yes, it does get lonely in the jungle if you live alone. Substack to me now means the world, the greatest platform where I can share my massive varied writing stuff. I have quite a few posts already here with 69, whoops, subscribers and growing every day as people are finally noticing my stranded S.O.S. sign on the beach! Thank God, thanks to you good people. Thank you for noticing me, for hearing me out, for supporting me! I am truly humbled. Do not let my monumental or trivial issues grind you down! God bless you all!






PS: Please excuse my typos, grammar, etc. because I am not perfect, I am just human. I use a looking glass and my second rate English is my third yet my most beloved language.

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