Regarding footnote 4, I too hate it when people flaunt the rules of English usage. However, I admit that I don't know if the preceding sentence can be accurately described as employing irony.

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What then of the modern use of social-justice (as used by those who would describe themselves as pursuing it)?

Does it have any validity as a form of CJ in your mind? They would claim that there are obvious wrongs in society that require government coercion backed by activists to make right, is this justice?

Is there DJ on display? Again a claim would be made that recognising and favouring certain groups, being environmentally aware, wearing your mask and taking your vaccine, are all virtuous acts worthy of eliciting praise for making a more just society. Many would agree with them.

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Clearly, however, we find ourselves struggling in modern discourse to rediscover concepts and distinctions that had previously been solved long ago.

I would argue that this is intentional. If people don't understand where they came from, they are easily manipulated. The powers that be have a lot to gain from casting us adrift upon the open sea.

Vatican II is perhaps the most striking modern example of what happens when a culture decides to turn its back on its own intellectual and artistic heritage.

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A fellow lost-causer regarding ‘begging the question’ and a connoisseur of Firefly? Excellent.

I take it you are familiar with Hayek’s ‘Social’ or Distributive Justice?


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