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Haha! Sounds like you bought my house. Stone cottage sitting on five acres, cute as a button from the road. Built in 1947, not a straight board in the place. Framing studs 6" short with a piece scabbed on the bottom to make it sort of the right length. Multiple layers in random combinations of drywall, plaster and lath boards, and cement. I should have stock in drywall mud; I've become an artist. Insulation? Surely you jest. My wife was cold, (she's always cold, except in the summer when she cranks up the AC so much she sleeps with a blanket) and she had the great idea to insulate the outer walls. Fun!! I can't say it was a total nightmare because I did discover that the walls were insulated with wadded up newspaper from the 40s. Used cars were $49, $69, & $89, new cars around $1,500. Help wanted ads would curl your hair. "Wanted- Nice, young, attractive girl for secretarial duties." "Wanted- "Clean cut Christian man willing to work hard." Anyway, I hear you, and good luck. I've heard things like this make men attractive to their women, but I didn't notice any particular uptick in that category after finishing. But it is warmer and heating bills are lower, so there's that.

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